Video Explains How Action Movies Make Those Fight Sounds
Video Explains How Action Movies Make Those Fight Sounds


Whack! Pow! Whoosh! Ever wonder how movies make those distinct fight sounds? Anyone who’s ever witnessed a real fight knows that they don’t sound anything like they do in the movies, as even the most well-landed punch isn’t going to make much of a sound in real life. So how does Hollywood turn their fight scenes into such cacophonous experiences? The answer is considerably less glamorous — and involves way more food — than what you’re probably thinking.


These types of sound effects are known as Foley Effects, and they’re produced by a person known as a Foley artist. Foley Effects — which are named for trailblazing sound-effects artist Jack Foley — are made practically rather than digitally, which leads to some pretty interesting productions. Need to hear a bone cracking? Try breaking a stalk of celery in half. Need a good punch to the face sound? You can punch a thick steak. How about a roundhouse kick? Just swing a wooden dowel through the air and then hit your own thigh with a shoe. The Foley artist’s job is certainly a unique one, and if you watch them work, it almost looks like parody. But you can’t argue with the results.


Take a look below at a video from Insider that goes behind the scenes with Foley artist Shaun Brennan to see what goes into a day’s work making fight sound effects.




Image courtesy of Miramax