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A Dangerous Man A Dangerous Man
Next On: Sat Feb 4 @ 12 PM ET/PT
A Dangerous Man
A former Special Forces operative wages a one-man war against drug dealers and corrupt cops. More Info
American Yakuza American Yakuza
Next On: Mon Feb 6 @ 1 AM ET/PT
American Yakuza
FBI agent (Viggo Mortensen) infiltrates Japanese gang in L.A. More Info
Danger Zone Danger Zone
Next On: Sun Feb 5 @ 1 AM ET/PT
Danger Zone
Others use engineer (Billy Zane) to locate hijacked plutonium. More Info
Elephant White Elephant White
Next On: Mon Jan 30 @ 1 AM ET/PT
Elephant White
An assassin has a midlife crisis after his contractor takes out a $1 million hit on him. More Info
Jackie Chan's Project A 2 Jackie Chan's Project A 2
Next On: Sun Feb 5 @ 12 PM ET/PT
Jackie Chan's Project A 2
A policeman (Jackie Chan) battles pirates and departmental corruption. More Info
Kill Switch Kill Switch
Next On: Sat Feb 4 @ 4 PM ET/PT
Kill Switch
A homicide detective (Steven Seagal) resorts to violence to nab a cunning inner-city killer. More Info
McLintock! McLintock!
Next On: Sat Jan 28 @ 2 PM ET/PT
Cattle baron (John Wayne) tries to tame wife (Maureen O'Hara). More Info
Mercenary for Justice Mercenary for Justice
Next On: Sat Feb 4 @ 2 PM ET/PT
Mercenary for Justice
A soldier of fortune (Steven Seagal) seeks revenge after staging a jailbreak. More Info
Operation Condor Operation Condor
Next On: Sun Feb 5 @ 4 PM ET/PT
Operation Condor
A mercenary (Jackie Chan) seeks buried Nazi gold in the desert. More Info
Red-Headed Stranger Red-Headed Stranger
Next On: Sat Jan 28 @ 4 PM ET/PT
Red-Headed Stranger
Singing parson (Willie Nelson) and wife (Morgan Fairchild) find trouble in Montana. More Info
Supercop Supercop
Next On: Sun Feb 5 @ 2 PM ET/PT
Policeman (Jackie Chan) and woman (Michelle Yeaoh) join drug ring to destroy it. More Info
The Gambler The Gambler
Next On: Sat Jan 28 @ 12 PM ET/PT
The Gambler
An Old West poker player (Kenny Rogers) and his partner (Bruce Boxleitner) seek his son. More Info