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Eye See You Eye See You
Next On: Mon Oct 2 @ 1 AM ET/PT
Eye See You
An FBI agent (Sylvester Stallone) searches for a serial killer at a clinic. More Info
Face/Off Face/Off
Next On: Sat Oct 7 @ 7 PM ET/PT
An FBI agent (John Travolta) and his nemesis (Nicolas Cage) trade physical identities. More Info
Killing Season Killing Season
Next On: Sat Oct 7 @ 1 PM ET/PT
Killing Season
Two war veterans (Robert De Niro, John Travolta) play cat-and-mouse games in the remote wilderness. More Info
Mercenary for Justice Mercenary for Justice
Next On: Sun Oct 1 @ 1 AM ET/PT
Mercenary for Justice
A soldier of fortune (Steven Seagal) seeks revenge after staging a jailbreak. More Info
Stolen Stolen
Next On: Sat Sep 30 @ 4 PM ET/PT
A former thief must come up with $10 million to save his kidnapped daughter. More Info
The Code The Code
Next On: Sun Oct 8 @ 1 AM ET/PT
The Code
A veteran thief (Morgan Freeman) pulls off one last job to repay gangsters. More Info
The Runner The Runner
Next On: Sat Sep 30 @ 12 PM ET/PT
The Runner
A video threatens the career of a Louisiana congressman who dreams of running for the Senate. More Info
Trespass Trespass
Next On: Sat Sep 30 @ 2 PM ET/PT
A couple's own betrayal and deception come to light when thieves invade their home. More Info