2006 | Drama | James Marsden, Giovanni Ribisi, Brad Renfro
While serving in the military, a Marine sergeant (James Marsden) believes his family's ties to organized crime are a thing of the past. However, an act of insubordination and a visit from the F.B.I. send him packing to his South Philadelphia hometown, and he discovers that his brother (Brad Renfro) and his cousin (Giovanni Ribisi) have become entangled with mobsters, leaving him with only one way to save them.
2014 | Action | Steven Seagal, Victor Webster, Tzi Ma
Alexander's special operations career ends in disaster, and he goes off the grid to live a quiet life as a handyman. When one of his tenants is targeted by a Russian mobster, Alexander is dragged into a war between the Chinese and Russian gangs.
2017 | Action | Denise Richards, Dolph Lundgren, Jonathan Lipnicki
Gretchen Blair is a headstrong FBI agent who goes rogue during a hostage negotiation and is sent packing to a desk job back in Washington, D.C. As soon as her flight takes off, her seatmate offers her millions of dollars if she can get him off the plane alive. As his ex-partners stage a brutal hijacking, Gretchen finds herself in the fight of her life -- choosing sides between two factions of a criminal gang while trying to keep the plane from going down.
1999 | Action | Dolph Lundgren, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Rachel Shane
A man (Dolph Lundgren) helps a rebel princess (Rachel Shane) overthrow the evil general (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) who killed her father and seized the throne.
1971 | Crime drama | Charles Bronson, Liv Ullmann, James Mason
An American expatriate's (Charles Bronson) wife (Liv Ullmann) and daughter are kidnapped in France by a drug smuggler (James Mason) from his past.
1947 | Crime drama | Ralph Byrd, Lyle Latell, Jack Lambert
Legendary police detective Dick Tracy (Ralph Byrd) and his faithful partner, Pat Patton (Lyle Latell), investigate the daring heist from a local warehouse of a recently insured fortune in furs. As the pair follows clues leading to shifty socialite Tess Trueheart (Kay Christopher), a growing body count at the morgue hints at the possibility of a serial killer on the loose. Tracy and Patton struggle to find the killer while working to unravel this high-fashion mystery.
2008 | Thriller | Lea Thompson, Desmond Harrington, Fred Ward
Ten bus passengers become stranded and must fight off murderous bikers from inside a scrap yard.
1997 | Crime drama | James Belushi, Tupac Shakur, Lela Rochon
Corrupt cops Divinci (James Belushi) and Rodriguez (Tupac Shakur) have been murdering drug dealers and then selling their narcotics. But they accidentally kill an undercover DEA agent, and soon after the murder, the dead man's partner, Simms (Gary Cole), comes calling. In search of a scapegoat, Divinci and Rodriguez find a homeless alcoholic they call Joe Doe (Dennis Quaid). But keeping up the scheme becomes increasingly dangerous and complex, and the DEA grows suspicious of the crooked duo.
1976 | Action | Burt Reynolds, Jack Weston, Lauren Hutton
After his release from prison, notorious ex-con and moonshine distiller Gator McKlusky (Burt Reynolds) moves in with his father in a cabin in the Okefenokee Swamp. His bootlegging plans are cut short, however, when a federal agent tells McKlusky that he will lose custody of his 9-year-old daughter unless he helps bring down local crime lord Bama McCall. McKlusky enlists the help of reporter Aggie Maybank (Lauren Hutton) and a few local eccentrics to bring down McCall's empire.
2009 | Thriller | Christian Slater, Cuba Gooding, Sarah Ann Schultz
A self-help author is hunted by thugs who think he knows where millions of dollars of stolen diamonds are hidden.
1979 | Crime drama | Charles Bronson, Rod Steiger, Jill Ireland
The FBI sends a loner (Charles Bronson) to kidnap a mobster's (Rod Steiger) mistress (Jill Ireland) in Switzerland.
1974 | Crime drama | Alan Vint, Cheryl Waters, Max Baer
A 1950's sheriff in Georgia places the blame on two guys and one innocent girl for the murder of his wife.
1986 | Action | John Stamos, Vanity, Gene Simmons
A spy's son (John Stamos) inherits the case of a heavy-metal he-she (Gene Simmons) out to foul city water with a floppy disk.
1996 | Action | Sandrine Holt, Ivan Sergei, Nicholas Lea
A love triangle means conflict for an international agent (Ivan Sergei), his ex-lover (Sandrine Holt) and her new fiance (Nicholas Lea).
1986 | Western | Willie Nelson, Morgan Fairchild, Katharine Ross
The Rev. Shay (Willie Nelson) moves out West to set up his new home in Montana so that he can spread God's word. But when his wife, Raysha (Morgan Fairchild), leaves him for another man -- in part because she wants to return to Philadelphia -- the reverend decides to replace his spiritual ways with a gun. After shooting down his wife and her lover, he battles a landowner intent on keeping all of the town's water for himself. But his deadly ways make him yearn for a belief in God again.
1999 | Action | Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Payne, Claire Stansfield
After his son's death, a land-mine specialist (Dolph Lundgren) teams with a bomb expert (Claire Stansfield) to uncover a terrorist conspiracy.
2001 | Action | Tom Sizemore, Dennis Hopper, Steven Seagal
Grieving narcotics agent Ray Nettles (Tom Sizemore) and police Detective Art Rice (Nas) are assigned to investigate a series of horrific bombings that have rocked the city of San Francisco. When Nettles discovers that these acts of terror are the work of notorious IRA agent Alex Swan (Dennis Hopper), he enlists the help of explosives expert Frank Glass (Steven Seagal). As inner demons threaten to destroy Nettles, Swan engages the troubled man in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.
2002 | Thriller | Gerald McRaney, Steve Braun, Thea Gill
A renowned scientist (Gerald McRaney) and his former protégé (Steve Braun) alert small-town residents about an impending tornado.