The Rock Is a Swashbuckling River Boat Captain in the First ‘Jungle Cruise’ Trailer
The Rock Is a Swashbuckling River Boat Captain in the First ‘Jungle Cruise’ Trailer


The Rock is headed back to the jungle. No, not for the Jumanji sequel (though, yes, he’s doing that, too), but for the new Disney theme park ride adaptation Jungle Cruise, which has just released its first trailer.


Based on the classic Disneyland ride of the same name, Jungle Cruise is hoping to be the start of a blockbuster franchise in the vein of Pirates of the Caribbean and not a notorious flop like The Haunted Mansion, The Country Bears, and, well, every other movie based on a Disney ride. And judging from the first trailer, it looks like all of the elements are there to make this period adventure Disney’s spiritual successor to the Pirates franchise. Engaging lead characters? We give you the always charming Emilie Blunt and Dwayne Johnson. Exotic locale? How about the Amazon by way of the early 20th Century? A touch of supernatural danger? Yep, in the form of ancient curses that get in the way of a magical tree that our protagonists — and more than a few bad guys — are after. Here’s the official synopsis:


Set during the early 20th century, a riverboat captain named Frank takes a scientist and her brother on a mission into a jungle to find the Tree of Life which is believed to possess healing powers. All the while, the trio must fight against dangerous wild animals and a competing German expedition.


Check out the trailer below, and see if you can catch a joke that’s ripped directly from the classic ride itself.



Jungle Cruise will voyage into theaters on July 24, 2020.


Image courtesy of Walt Disney