The Rock Brings Down a Helicopter in This Absurd ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Clip
The Rock Brings Down a Helicopter in This Absurd ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Clip


Hobbs & Shaw has been staking its claim as the most over-the-top action movie ever made, and this latest clip certainly doesn’t do anything do dissuade us from siding with that opinion.


The newly-released video, while absolutely ridiculous, is still a ton of fun. In it, the titular Luke Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson”) hops into the back of a souped-up tow truck driven by his reluctant partner Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) to pursue the fleeing bad guy Brixton’s (Idris Elba) helicopter. Hobbs grabs a giant chain with a hook on the end of it and tells Shaw, “Let’s go fishing” as Shaw chases down the helicopter. Hobbs then manages to snag the helicopter with the chain while the truck is in mid-air, but instead of the chopper yanking him out of the truck like you’d expect, he somehow keeps his feet planted and pulls down the helicopter. Yes, it’s both as insane and as awesome as it sounds.



In addition to physics-defying feats of strength like this one, the Fast & Furious franchise spinoff also features a legitimate comic book villain, as Brixton has been genetically-modified to have superhuman strength and durability, to the point where he dubs himself “Black Superman.” Remember when this franchise used to be about street racing between Japanese imports? Oh, how far we’ve come.


Image courtesy of Universal Pictures