The New ‘Jungle Cruise’ Trailer Offers a More Wild Ride Than Any Theme Park
The New ‘Jungle Cruise’ Trailer Offers a More Wild Ride Than Any Theme Park


As the recent Jumanji reboot and its sequel proved, the key to box office success is to stick Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the jungle and just see what happens. So by going by that logic, we’re thinking that The Rock’s next movie, Jungle Cruise, is probably going to make ten billion dollars.


In the latest trailer for the film, which is based on the classic Disneyland ride of the same name, we get a better sense of just how grand of an adventure this movie is going to be. Johnson plays a riverboat captain named Frank in the Amazon of the early 20th century, while Emily Blunt portrays a scientist named Lily who hires him to take her on an expedition. Lily is searching for a mythical healing tree, one that Frank has searched for himself to no avail. But there are bad guys (possibly Nazis?) who are also searching for the tree who plan to use it for nefarious reasons. Plus there’s a curse, Amazonian elephants, and the head villain appears to have some sort of magic jungle powers. It’s all kinda crazy, but in a fun way, much in the vein of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. That franchise was also based on a Disney ride, and for Jungle Cruise, it looks like they took the formula that worked so well in the first Pirates movie and dropped it into the South American jungle. Take a look below.



Jungle Cruise swings into theaters on July 24.


Image courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures