Sylvester Stallone Reveals Which Rocky Movie He’s Most Proud Of
Sylvester Stallone Reveals Which Rocky Movie He’s Most Proud Of


Everybody has their favorite Rocky movie. Whether you prefer the down-to-Earth realism of the Oscar-winning original or the campy slice of ’80s Americana that is Rocky IV, the sports franchise has something for everybody. But have you ever wondered which Rocky movie is Sylvester Stallone’s favorite? Well, wonder no more, as the star and creator of the series has finally revealed which of these cinematic treasures he loves most.


With California in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sly — like many Americans — currently has a lot of time on his hands. And the 73-year-old action star is using some of that time to pay back his fans for their decades of support. Stallone has been taking and answering fan questions on his Instagram page, and the first question he answered was what he considers his best movie. Stallone gave the obvious reply by stating that the original Rocky, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, was the highest-grossing film of 1976, and ranks as one of the most iconic films ever made, is likely his best film. But, that isn’t the film he’s most proud of. Instead, the Italian Stallion quickly pivoted to touting 2006’s Rocky Balboa as his personal favorite, citing the work that went into making it.


“The one I’m most proud of is Rocky Balboa because no one wanted to make it,” Stallone said. “I sat around for six years trying to make that film and when it came out I was so proud of it because of what we had to go through to get it done.” Stallone went on to answer a few more questions during his Q&A session, and you can see the rest of his answers for yourself below.



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