‘REV’ Trailer Sees the Return of the Car Heist Movie
‘REV’ Trailer Sees the Return of the Car Heist Movie


For fans of old school car chase movies, there aren’t many choices these days. The standard-bearer for car movies is ostensibly the Fast & Furious movies, but they’re pretty much superhero movies at this point with very little focus on the cars. So if you’re longing for a movie that puts autos front and center again — and does so with more action than Ford v Ferrari — then have we got a movie for you.


The upcoming action movie REV is all about exotic car thefts, and it has enough four-wheeled eye candy and high-speed chases to get the engines roaring for any car movie fan. McLaren, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari — whatever flavor of exotic car you prefer, REV‘s got them in spades. The movie follows a young car thief who reluctantly becomes an informant to the police after he’s arrested, and he helps them track down an underground ring of exotic car thieves. As you can imagine, this leads to a good number of high-octane chase scenes.


The first trailer for the film has been released, and it’s definitely wearing its influences on its sleeve, err, bumper. The film’s trailer mentions the 20-year-old car heist thriller Gone in 60 Seconds within the first ten seconds, and the font the film uses looks nearly identical to the one used in Fast & Furious marketing. But regardless of how derivative the film may be, REV still looks like the kind of fun, old-fashioned car movie that isn’t made anymore. Check out the trailer below.



REV speeds onto DVD, Digital, and On Demand on May 12th.


Image courtesy of N5 Pictures