Here’s Your First Look at Chris Hemsworth’s New Action Movie ‘Extraction’
Here’s Your First Look at Chris Hemsworth’s New Action Movie ‘Extraction’


Despite his build, looks, and charisma, Chris Hemsworth has yet to have a successful action movie role outside of his role of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But that could change with Hemsworth’s upcoming actioner Extraction, which has just released its first images.


In the film, Hemsworth stars as an underground mercenary who is hired to rescue the son of an international crime lord after the youngster was kidnapped in Bangladesh. So what makes us think this Hemsworth vehicle could succeed where others have failed? Well, it’s because he’s brought some MCU help along with him. Joe Russo, the co-director of Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War, wrote the film’s script, while the film’s director is Sam Hargrave. Hargrave acted as both the stunt coordinator and second unit director on Endgame and Infinity War, which would suggest that the guy knows how to frame an action scene. Thrown in for good measure is Hemsworth’s co-star in the film, Stranger Things star David Harbour, who is set to make his own MCU debut in Black Widow this spring.


USA Today recently spoke with Hemsworth about the film, and from the sound of it, Extraction is going to be pretty intense. “It awakened the young teenager in me again,” Hemsworth said. “Not to say I’m pushing my limits or I’m over the hill in any way, but you notice through the years things like, ‘Ooooh, there’s a little hitch in my knee that wasn’t there before.’ Or a tweak in my shoulder I didn’t notice. But I felt like it re-energized me. It was a kick in the (butt) to say, ‘Come on, there’s still plenty more in the tank.'” The site also unveiled the first photos from the film, which you can take a look at below.


Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is hired to rescue a crime lord's kidnapped son (Rudhraksh Jaiswalz) in "Extraction."


Chris Hemsworth stars as a black-market mercenary who's on a rescue mission and a path of redemption in the Netflix action movie "Extraction."


Director Sam Hargrave (right) goes over a scene with David Harbour and Chris Hemsworth on the set of "Extraction."


We’ll see if Extraction can live up to the hype and open up a new avenue of action movie success for Hemsworth when the movie arrives on Netflix on April 24.


Images courtesy of Jasin Boland/Netflix via USA Today