New ‘Black Widow’ Featurette Sets Up the Character’s Solo Film
New ‘Black Widow’ Featurette Sets Up the Character’s Solo Film


A Black Widow movie has been a long time coming. Ever since the character’s big-screen debut in Iron Man II back in 2010, fans have been clamoring for the superspy to get her own solo movie. Now, that day has finally arrived with the upcoming film Black Widow, and a new featurette is letting us know just what we should expect from the highly-anticipated adventure.


“Very few actors can say that they’ve worked on a character for ten years and then suddenly have this chance to delve deep into the inner workings of this person,” Scarlett Johansson says in the video, and she makes a great point. Johansson has appeared as Black Widow in eight MCU films prior to her upcoming solo adventure, and yet none of them have revealed much about the character’s origins. All we know really is that she worked as a spy for the Russian Government and apparently did some bad things that resulted in some “red in her ledger.” But it sounds like we’re about to learn a whole lot more about her in the new film.


“I’m just excited to see the real Black Widow,” Black Widow director Cate Shortland says. “She’s not a classic hero because she has a dark past. You get to see all these facets of her (in the film) that we’ve never ever seen before.”


Take a look at the new featurette below, which also includes commentary from MCU maestro Kevin Feige, as well as from Johansson back in 2009 when she first landed the role.



Will Black Widow be able to erase the red from her ledger in her new movie? We’ll find out when Black Widow hits theaters on May 1.


Image courtesy of Disney/Marvel