Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Extraction’s Stellar One-Shot Action Sequence
Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Extraction’s Stellar One-Shot Action Sequence


The more we hear about Chris Hemsworth’s new action movie Extraction, the more we like it. We were already impressed with the explosive trailer that dropped last week, but now a new behind-the-scenes video really has us convinced that this movie will be something special.


The new featurette is all about a stunning 12-minute one-shot featured in the film (which is technically a series of long shots blended together to look like one shot), and the extraordinary lengths the crew went to in order to get the shot. That includes director Sam Hargrave, who put himself in harm’s way by riding on the hood of a car while holding a camera during a fast-paced chase sequence. Seeing a director essentially doing stunts during a film production is pretty much unheard of — though Hargrave is also a stuntman/stunt coordinator — and we’ll be referring to Hargrave as the Tom Cruise of directors from now on.


The film’s “oner” features a car chase scene, crashes, a knife fight, and a gunfight, and due to the nature of how it was filmed, no stunt actors were used. That means Hemsworth had to do all of his own stunts for the sequence, and he states that it was the most action-intensive sequence he’s ever done for a film. You can check out the clip below, and prepare to have a new appreciation for Hemsworth, Hargrave, and all of the other cast and crew involved.



Extraction makes its way onto Netflix on April 24.


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Image courtesy of Netflix