Chris Hemsworth Is an Assassin With a Heart in Action-Packed ‘Extraction’ Trailer
Chris Hemsworth Is an Assassin With a Heart in Action-Packed ‘Extraction’ Trailer


Chris Hemsworth is moving beyond his superhero roots and exploring more traditional action star territory in his latest flick Extraction, and the film’s first trailer is like a shot of adrenaline for action junkies.


In the film, the Thor actor portrays a black market assassin named Tyler Rake who takes on a risky new job: rescuing the kidnapped son of a powerful imprisoned crime lord. After traveling to Bangladesh to obtain the kid, the mission becomes compromised, and Rake takes on the new role of acting as the kid’s guardian. The story of a morally gray assassin showing that he actually has a heart of gold after spending time with a kid isn’t exactly untrodden territory — in keeping with the tradition of these types of movies, Rake also lost a child of his own prior to the events of the film — but the trope looks like it’s done well enough here. Hemsworth and his young co-star Rudhraksh Jaiswal seem to have some great chemistry together, and the movie’s action looks top-notch. Avengers: Infinity War & Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo are producers on the film, and it looks like they have brought their brand of slickly choreographed action to the proceedings. There are fight scenes, explosions, and stunts aplenty in the first Extraction trailer, which you can view below.



You can see Hemsworth’s chops as a non-superpowered action star when Extraction lands on Netflix on April 24.


Image courtesy of Netflix