Dwayne Johnson to Produce a Drama Series About Backyard Wrestling
Dwayne Johnson to Produce a Drama Series About Backyard Wrestling


Professional wrestling fans have long taken their love for the sport to extremes, with an entire subculture devoted to dangerous backyard wrestling leagues. Now, one of the most famous pro-wrestlers of all time is highlighting this wild hobby with a brand new TV drama series.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is teaming up with his producing partner Dany Garcia and Insecure creator/star Issa Rae to produce a new narrative series all about a backyard wrestling promotion. The series, called TRE CNT, will be a fictional drama, not a documentary, so you don’t have to worry about watching amateurs seriously hurt themselves while performing suplexes. Instead, the series will focus on a dockworker/aspiring pro-wrestler who starts his own backyard wrestling league. Here’s the full synopsis, courtesy of Variety:


The series focuses on Cassius Jones, a young dockworker and struggling pro-wrestler, who uses inherited life-insurance money for start-up cash and the deed to a shotgun house from his grandfather to start a hip-hop centric backyard wrestling empire in Houston’s Third Ward (The Tre) with the help of his working-class family, neighbors, and friends.


The series was created by writer Mohamad el Masri, who previously wrote on the HBO series Here and Now. Given the involvement of el Masri, Rae, and the team of Johnson/Garcia — who produced the HBO series Ballers — it’s no surprise that TRE CNT will also be calling HBO its home. As for when the series will actually premiere, though, that’s up in the air. The coronavirus pandemic has shut down TV production all over the world, and there’s no telling when production will start back up again. You can still watch pro-wrestling on TV, however, with Ring of Honor wrestling on CHARGE! airing late-night Sundays. See our schedule here for details.



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