This Deepfake Video with Tom Selleck As Indiana Jones Belongs in a Museum
This Deepfake Video with Tom Selleck As Indiana Jones Belongs in a Museum


It’s one of those old Hollywood legends that just happens to be true. Harrison Ford, now inseparable from his iconic role as Indiana Jones, was not the first choice of Steven Spielberg and Geroge Lucas to play the fedora-wearing archaeologist. They actually wanted Tom Selleck for the role, but the plan fell apart when the film’s production conflicted with Selleck’s then-upcoming TV series Magnum P.I. Selleck instead starred as Magnum for eight seasons, which remains his most iconic role, while the role of Indy fell to Ford, arguably his most iconic role alongside Han Solo. Everything worked out great for all involved, but now, thanks to deepfake technology, we’re finally getting a look at what Selleck would have been like as Indy. And it ain’t half bad.


The roughly two-minute video from YouTuber Sham00K convincingly superimposes Selleck’s face over Ford’s in a number of iconic scenes from the original Indiana Jones trilogy. We get to see Selleck’s Indy cut the bridge in The Temple of Doom, steal the idol in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and gun down some Nazis in front of his shocked father in The Last Crusade. And while the face looks fairly natural, it is a bit strange to hear Ford’s voice coming out of Selleck’s mustachioed mouth. Check out the video below.



Judging from this video, it certainly seems like Tom Selleck would have made an admirable Indiana Jones. But when push comes to shove, we still prefer Harrison Ford when it comes to our archaeology professors who know their way around a bullwhip.


Image courtesy of YouTube