The New ‘Guns Akimbo’ Trailer Is Even More Insane Than the First
The New ‘Guns Akimbo’ Trailer Is Even More Insane Than the First


Daniel Radcliffe continues to take chances in his career following the end of his blockbuster run as Harry Potter, this time by starring in the new action film Guns Akimbo. The movie looks to be Radcliffe’s most bonkers role yet, and the latest trailer shows fans just how much of an insane ride they’re in for.


In the film, Radcliffe plays a boring 9-5 office drone named Miles whose life is upended after his girlfriend is kidnapped by an underground gang called SKIZM. SKIZM is known for live streaming “death matches,” essentially real-life video games in which people are forced to duel to the death for the enjoyment of the gang’s online fans watching at home. Miles is forced to compete in a match against one of the gang’s most-seasoned killers, Nix (Samara Weaving), as the only hope of freeing his girlfriend from the gang — but he won’t be competing empty-handed. SKIZM has granted Miles two guns to aid in his battle… guns that just so happen to be painfully bolted to his hands. Check out the latest ridiculous trailer below, and then see if you’re still able to picture Radcliffe as an 11-year-old boy wizard afterward.



The trailer is obviously hyper-violent, but it’s pretty funny, too. Rather than being a straight action movie gimmick, the whole “guns bolted to hands” angle also looks to address some of the less obvious problems such a set-up would cause, like putting on one’s pants or opening a door. We’ve also heard the film addresses how to go to the bathroom when you have guns for hands, and we’re glad that someone is finally paying attention to this very important issue.


Guns Akimbo shoots its way into theaters on March 5, 2020.


Image courtesy of Madman Films