The Latest ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Trailer Ramps Up the Spy Movie Intensity
The Latest ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Trailer Ramps Up the Spy Movie Intensity


Charlie’s Angels, one of the most iconic TV series from the 1970s, has been rebooted numerous times over the years. But we’ve never seen any Angels quite like the group in the new Charlie’s Angels movie.


The new film, which stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska as the Angels, reimagines the group as elite members on an international spy agency (just don’t call them lady spies). The trio trots around the globe eliminating existential threats, making this incarnation of Charlie’s Angels more akin to a James Bond movie than a ’70s police procedural.


The latest Charlie’s Angels trailer wastes no time in laying out the movie’s blockbuster spy movie credentials, as we get some impressive costumes, well-choreographed fight scenes, wild stunts (these Angels go skydiving), car chases, and in true Bond fashion, corny one-liners. The film is written and directed by Elizabeth Banks, who also co-stars as one of several Bosleys (Patrick Stewart is another). Scott’s character is a new recruit to the Angels; a systems engineer who joins the team after blowing the whistle on a dangerous new technology that could threaten the entire world.



The rebooted Charlie’s Angels, which shares very little in common with any of the old Charlie’s Angels, will arrive in theaters on Nov. 15.


Image courtesy of Sony Pictures