The Gender-Swapped ‘Kung Fu’ Reboot Has Found Its Star
The Gender-Swapped ‘Kung Fu’ Reboot Has Found Its Star


There are currently multiple Kung Fu reboots currently in the works, but only one of them has found its lead grasshopper.


The upcoming TV series reboot of Kung Fu, which will function has a gender-swapped version of the story told in the modern-day, will star Olivia Liang as its protagonist. Liang is a relative newcomer, with her highest-profile role to date being a recurring role on the CW fantasy series Legacies. On Kung Fu, she will play Nicky Chen, a Chinese-American college student who suffers a quarter-life crisis that causes her to drop out of school and seek solitude at a monastery in China. There, she receives training in the art of kung fu, and when she returns to America she finds that her hometown has been taken over by criminals. She uses her newfound skills to battle these bad guys while also dodging a mysterious assassin who is out to kill her.


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The series certainly sounds a lot different than the original Kung Fu, which was set in the Wild West, but the idea of a Shaolin monk-trained woman beating up criminals in her American hometown does sound undeniably awesome. Liang is one of the last main cast members to join the show, with Tzi Ma, Kheng Hua Tan, Jon Prasida, Shannon Dang and Eddie Liu all previously having been announced, assuring one of the most diverse casts in primetime.


Kung Fu has no premiere date as of yet, but it’s eventually expected to air on the CW.


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