‘Snowpiercer’ Series Trailer Reveals the Wildest Train Ride Ever
‘Snowpiercer’ Series Trailer Reveals the Wildest Train Ride Ever


One of the most thrilling films of the past decade was 2013’s Snowpiercer, a post-apocalyptic tale about the last vestiges of humanity trying to survive on class-divided train as it speeds across a frozen Earth. Now, the film is being adapted into a TV series, and the show’s first trailer sure makes the case that it will be just as exciting as the movie that inspired it.


Snowpiercer unveiled its first trailer at Comic-Con, giving us our first look at the hyped series. Fans of the movie are likely to get some déjà vu from the trailer, as it does look a lot like its inspiration at first glance. But as the trailer progresses, you’ll note some significant differences. First and foremost, Jennifer Connelly has replaced Ed Harris as the train’s conductor, and Daveed Diggs standing in for Chris Evans as the leader of the rear-of-the-train’s revolution. But beyond those obvious differences, there is also an added timeline that didn’t exist in the film. In the series, the train is on a specific six-year journey to a certain destination. Whatever that destination is isn’t revealed in the trailer, but it’s sure to play a big role in the series.



Snowpiercer the series will premiere on TBS in 2020.


Image courtesy of TBS