See Tom Hardy Play a Legendary Gangster in the ‘Capone’ Trailer
See Tom Hardy Play a Legendary Gangster in the ‘Capone’ Trailer


Al Capone is arguably the most famous mobster of all time. The boss of the Chicago outfit has been the subject of numerous popular films, from 1932’s Scarface to 1959’s Al Capone to 1987’s The Untouchables and many more. But Hollywood isn’t done with Capone’s story just yet, as Tom Hardy is starring as the gangster in the upcoming film Capone, which has just surprise-dropped its first trailer.


The film is a unique take on Capone’s story, focusing on the end of the gangster’s life rather than his more famous and glamorous rise. Instead of plot points like prohibition and the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, we get Capone hanging out in a bathrobe in Florida while possibly suffering from dementia. It’s a unique take on a mob movie, but as The Irishman proved last year, a gangster movie that doubles as a rumination on old age and regrets can be quite fascinating (though we’re not sure that’s what we’re getting here). In addition to Hardy, the movie boasts a strong cast that includes Matt Dillon, Kyle MacLachlan, and Linda Cardellini as Al’s wife, Mae Capone.


While the cast looks great and the plot seems interesting, one aspect of the film that we’re definitely not on board with is Hardy’s makeup. Seriously, he looks like a Dick Tracy villain. We generally prefer old school makeup effects to the uncanny valley effect that’s often produced by digital makeup, but the makeup artists seem to have gone a little overboard with this one. The outrageous makeup combined with the oversized pinstripe suits and enormous cigars make Capone look more like a cartoon character come to life than a dangerous criminal, but maybe that was the goal? Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think.



Capone comes from director Josh Trank, and it’s his first film since his disastrous 2015 Fantastic Four reboot. Will Capone usher in Trank’s big comeback, or will the movie be the nail in the coffin for his career as a director? We’ll find out on May 12 when the film sees digital release.


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Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment