Revenge Is on the Menu in the Trailer for Neo-Noir Series ‘Reprisal’
Revenge Is on the Menu in the Trailer for Neo-Noir Series ‘Reprisal’


Noir may have reached its peak back in the 1940s, but it’s never really gone away. And in the first trailer for the upcoming neo-noir series Reprisal, the genre is showing that it still has plenty left in the tank.


The series stars Abigail Spencer as a femme fatale who’s out for revenge against her own brother after he and his criminal gang chained her to a pickup and dragged her across the field. And we thought our family had drama. The series was created by Josh Corbin and is produced by Warren Littlefield, who’s also behind the critically-acclaimed series The Handmaid’s Tale and Fargo. Reprisal‘s ultra-stylish first trailer is filled with classic cars, moody lighting, and glamorous outfits, in addition to grittier aspects like shootouts, strippers, and seedy motels. It all adds up to an interesting mix that looks like nothing else on TV. Oh, and Ron Perlman’s in it! Check out the first trailer for Reprisal below.



The series’ official synopsis actually dubs it “hyper-noir” rather than the familiar neo-noir, and we’d be inclined to agree with that categorization. Reprisal looks like the logical next step for the genre, as it ramps up to an absurd degree the stylish and theatrical elements that define noir, while also somehow feeling fresh and unique.


All episodes of Reprisal season one start streaming on Hulu on Dec. 6.


Image courtesy of Hulu