‘Rambo V’s New Trailer Channels the Character’s ‘80s Heyday
‘Rambo V’s New Trailer Channels the Character’s ‘80s Heyday


A new trailer has been released for Rambo V: Last Blood, and it leans pretty heavily into Stallone’s iconic ’80s renditions of the character. Not that we’re complaining.


The trailer begins with some familiar narration. It’s Col. Trautman (Richard Crenna) from First Blood, warning Sheriff Teasle (Brian Dennehy) that Rambo is an expert in guns, knives, and his bare hands. Each of these proclamations by Trautman is accompanied by other flashbacks from other Rambo movies, showing Rambo fighting with a gun in Rambo III, holstering a knife in First Blood II, and getting ready to take down a villain with his bare hands in Rambo. We then move to the present, where we learn more about the plot of the actual film.


John Rambo, who lives on a ranch in New Mexico, has a niece (Yvette Monreal) that is essentially his only living family member. She is kidnapped by South American criminals, which leads the former commando to head out in search of her with a distinct take-no-prisoners attitude. What ensues is a lot of violence and mayhem, with one more well-done flashback to close out the trailer. You can check it out below.



Rambo V: Last Blood hits theaters on Sept. 20.

Images courtesy of Lionsgate