Pam Grier Sheds Light on Her History in Hollywood
Pam Grier Sheds Light on Her History in Hollywood


Pam Grier is well-known for being one of the most badass action heroes of the 1970s, and wouldn’t you know it, the actress is still kicking butt at age 70.


Grier recently sat down for an interview with The Today Show‘s Al Roker, where she covered a variety of topics including getting her start in the industry, dealing with trauma through her iconic roles, and getting older. Grier revealed that before becoming an actor, she’d studied to become a vet. But after she couldn’t get into veterinary school, Grier moved to Los Angeles to take a stab at the movie industry. And while working as a receptionist at the age of 20, Grier was offered her first role by a producer. Having no training as an actor, Grier was trepidatious about stepping in front of the camera, but it soon became clear she had that special star quality.



In the 1970s, Grier became known for action-oriented roles in films like Coffey, Foxy Brown, and Sheba, Baby, where she portrayed wronged women out for revenge. As it turns out, these roles proved somewhat therapeutic for Grier, as she herself had suffered through two sexual assaults in her youth. “I had a first attack when I was six years old … and then another one at 18,” Grier said. “[The roles were] very cathartic because in real life, you can’t do a lot of those things (like she does in the movies). Along the way, it’s been therapy.”


Grier, who was widely recognized for her looks at the peak of her career, also discusses how she feels about getting older. Unsurprisingly, the Golden Globe nominee has a very positive outlook on aging. “It’s getting older and being bolder,” Grier said. “If you wake up breathing, you’re gonna have a good day. And I’ve lived a great life with great friends along my journey. I don’t worry about [my] age, I have so much to share.”


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