Nicholas Cage & Laurence Fishburne Flee from the Law in ‘Running with the Devil’ Trailer
Nicholas Cage & Laurence Fishburne Flee from the Law in ‘Running with the Devil’ Trailer


Laurence Fishburne and Nicolas Cage have each starred in some legendary action films. Fishburne, of course, portrayed Morpheus in the Matrix trilogy, while Cage had his own holy trinity of ’90s action films with The Rock, Face/Off, and Con Air. Now, the duo is teaming up as a pair of drug smugglers trying to avoid the long arm of the law in the new thriller Running with the Devil.


According to Collider, the film “centers on a compromised shipment of cocaine and the journey to take it through international borders. When a drug cartel honcho, known only as The Boss (Barry Pepper). enlists his two most trusted partners — a henchman called The Cook (Nicolas Cage) and a trafficker called The man (Laurence Fishburne) — to get the drugs to their destination safely, the duo head out on a dangerous mission while being tracked down by Federal Agents.”


This isn’t the first time Cage and Fishburne have teamed for a movie; they’ve actually appeared in the same film thrice before, most recently in the 1998 mockumentary Welcome to Hollywood. It isn’t even the same time their characters have gone by unusual nicknames in a movie together, believe it or not. In Francis Ford Coppola’s Rumble Fish, Fishburne and Cage’s characters were named Midget and Smokey, respectively. Running with the Devil is, however, the first time the duo is headling a film together, and that alone should make it worth the price of admission. You can check out the film’s trailer below.



Running with the Devil premieres on Sept. 13.


Image courtesy of Quiver Distribution/Patriot Pictures