New Trailer for ‘The King’ Teases Medieval Action & Drama
New Trailer for ‘The King’ Teases Medieval Action & Drama


Who says you need dragons and magic to make a Medieval story exciting?


The latest trailer for The King has just been released, and the historical epic looks plenty thrilling even without a single White Walker. The film, from Animal Kingdom director David Michôd, is based on William Shakespeare’s Henriad but with a greater level of historical accuracy. It tells the story of how Henry V (Timothée Chalamet) came to power after the death of his father (Ben Mendelsohn), inheriting Henry IV’s war against the French, who are led in the film by a long-haired Robert Pattinson.


Though the film is a historical drama, it’s still drawing some comparisons to Game of Thrones — specifically when it comes to the way one of its big battle scenes was shot compared to GoT‘s “Battle of the Bastards.” But any similarity is pure coincidence, according to Michôd. ” I am that person who has not watched [a lot of] Game of Thrones,” Michôd told EW. “Having said that, I did watch “The Battle of the Bastards” really early on when I was way deep in preproduction when we were trying to work out how to achieve the battle. We were actually thinking specifically about visual effects. So, I can’t claim not to have seen “The Battle of the Bastards,” but I can claim, in all honesty, to have had no idea that I was basically ripping that shot off.”


You can check out the latest trailer for The King below, which includes plenty of battle scenes that would give GoT a run for its money. The film arrives on Netflix on Nov. 1.



Image courtesy of Netflix