New Action-Packed ‘Gemini Man’ Trailer Pits Will Smith Against… Will Smith
New Action-Packed ‘Gemini Man’ Trailer Pits Will Smith Against… Will Smith


Will Smith is taking on his most difficult role yet by playing… himself. OK, he’s not really playing himself, but he is playing a younger version of his character in the new action-thriller Gemini Man, and the result is pretty incredible.


The film stars Will Smith as an assassin who learns that the company he worked for secretly cloned him 25 years ago. Now that clone is a young man, and he is ready to take on his pseudo-father. While this may sound startlingly similar to the 2012 film Looper, Gemini Man did not have to resort to sticking a fake nose on Joseph Gordon-Levitt to create the younger version of its protagonist. Instead, the film created a fully-CGI clone of Smith, and he looks exactly as he did during his Fresh Prince days. Seriously, the effects of this film are pretty incredible. You can take a look at the two Wills duking it out in the new trailer below.



The movie definitely has some inventive action scenes. For instance, we’re not sure we’ve ever seen anyone use a motorcycle as a weapon like that, or shoot a grenade to redirect it without blowing it up. But the real star of the show — and the factor that will likely make or break this film — is the astounding special effect of a young Will Smith. We haven’t seen Smith looking like this since Independence Day, and if he can give a similarly cocky performance in this — in addition to his older, grizzled performance as present-day Smith — then the movie could really be something special.


Gemini Man hits theaters on Oct. 11.


Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures