Jerry Bruckheimer Offers an Exciting ‘Bad Boys 4’ Update
Jerry Bruckheimer Offers an Exciting ‘Bad Boys 4’ Update


This year’s Bad Boys for Life was one of the biggest surprise hits in recent memory, with a worldwide box office haul of over $400 million that made it the highest-grossing film to ever be released in the month of January. So unsurprisingly, a fourth Bad Boys movie is now a strong possibility, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer has just provided an update on the status of such a film.


Speaking to Collider recently, Bruckheimer said the following:


We had a great experience on the first one, both through the development process with Tom Rothman [chair of Sony] and his team, and then through the editing process and filming process… We put together, along with their help, a movie that’s very satisfying for the audience, and we’d like to do it again, and I think they’d like us to do it again. We’re currently working on a draft for the fourth one.


With a script already in the works and a nice profit generated for the studio by Bad Boys for Life, it pretty much seems assured that a fourth movie is going to happen. The third film does explicitly leave the door open for a sequel — despite having been marketed as “one last ride” for stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. It’s just too bad that they already used the title Bad Boys for Life for the third movie, as it could have been stylized as Bad Boys 4 Life for the fourth flick. Now we suppose they’ll have to go with Bad Boys: Watcha Gonna Do When They Come 4 You. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?



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