Jason Sudeikis Wants to Make a ‘Fletch’ Reboot
Jason Sudeikis Wants to Make a ‘Fletch’ Reboot


Out of Chevy Chase’s career repertoire, Fletch sometimes gets overshadowed by the actor’s better-known hits such as Caddyshack, Three Amigos, and the National Lampoon’s Vacation series. That’s a shame because the 1985 flick about a heroic (and sarcastic) investigative journalist is a great action-comedy that deserves more respect. And one big star agrees with that sentiment so much, he wants to star in an updated version.


Former SNL star Jason Sudeikis, himself no stranger to Chase comparisons, has been trying for years to get a Fletch reboot off the ground. And he isn’t giving up yet. Sudeikis first signed on for an origin film called Fletch Won back in 2011. The movie was meant to be more action-heavy than the original, with a similar feel to fellow mid-’80s classic Beverly Hills Cop. But Fletch Won has been stuck in development hell ever since. Now, in an interview with /Film, Sudeikis reveals what his take on the character will look like if the reboot ever does get made.


“My take on him is that he is the guy that’s always in search of the truth and was let down all over the place. I don’t know how familiar you are with the books that Gregory McDonald wrote, but he came out with several of them, about a dozen or more. And I love Chevy Chase’s version of him, his take on him,” Sudeikis said. “My take on it would be that it is less about the disguises and more about the search for truth, which is more important now than it’s ever been. If that were to ever happen, that’s what I can surmise it would be because the truth is on trial these days in many different ways, so Fletch might be the superhero that we both need and want.”


Hopefully, Sudeikis’ dream comes true and Fletch Won eventually gets made. But if that day never comes, at least we still have the original to enjoy.



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