Henry Cavill Is a Cop on a Mission in Intense ‘Night Hunter’ Trailer
Henry Cavill Is a Cop on a Mission in Intense ‘Night Hunter’ Trailer


Henry Cavill has been a superhero, a spy, and a witcher, and now the action star is portraying a hardboiled detective hot on the trail of a deadly psychopath.


In the new trailer for Night Hunter, Cavill stars as a police detective who teams with an armchair detective played by Sir Ben Kingsley to take down a local serial killer (Brendan Fletcher). But the real trouble begins after the killer is captured, as he is somehow able to orchestrate loads of nefarious events from behind bars. Stanley Tucci, Alexandra Daddario, Nathan Fillion, and Minka Kelly also star in the thriller, whose latest look can be viewed below.



Call us crazy, but something about this trailer makes it look like this movie is hiding a big twist. Specifically, we think that Kingsley’s character is probably behind these crimes. The way he’s introduced in the trailer, and Kingsley’s mannerisms throughout, just make it seem like he’s up to something. It also seems more plausible that someone on the outside would be committing these crimes, rather than a very obviously mentally-deficient person who’s incarcerated. Plus, no offense to Fletcher, but he’s not nearly as well known as his castmates, and having Kingsley turn out to be the villain would almost certainly help to make the film more memorable.


We guess we’ll find out if our theory is correct when Night Hunter opens in theaters on Sept. 6.


Image courtesy of Saban Films