Guillermo del Toro Is Making a ‘Werewolf Western’
Guillermo del Toro Is Making a ‘Werewolf Western’


Guillermo del Toro has made movies about giant robots, a fish-man, and a Hellboy, but his next project — a very unorthodox Western — may be his most bizarre and awesome yet.


Tigers Are Not Afraid director Issa López recently revealed that she’s working with del Toro on an upcoming film that she describes as a werewolf-Western. “Yes, I have a movie with Guillermo del Toro, who not only became a champion of that movie but said, ‘What are you going to do next? Let’s do something!'” Lopez told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview. “I could not believe that. So, we’re prepping a werewolf movie, a supernatural Western. It’s a werewolf-Western! I’m super excited. He has the script, I wrote it, he loves it, and we’re gearing up to make it. The thing is, there’s not really that many brilliant, brilliant werewolf movies. An American Werewolf in London is the big one. I think it’s time to revisit. It’s about revisiting the essence of what it is, which is trying to contain the beast in you. It’s as simple as that, and I think that’s perfectly relatable with humankind, and particularly the moment that we’re living in.”



Umm, Guillermo del Toro + werewolf + Western? Yes, please! Lopez would presumably direct the film with del Toro lending a hand as a producer, and judging from the stellar reviews that her thriller Tigers Are Not Afraid has gotten so far, we’d say the pair will make for a pretty incredible team. Plus, the premise of a werewolf cowboy wreaking havoc in the Old West is such a fantastic idea that we don’t see how anyone could possibly screw it up, let alone talented individuals like Lopez and del Toro.


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Images courtesy of David Gallagher and Steve Ellis/DC Comics, GIPHY