First Person Shooter ‘Crossfire’ Is Getting a Movie Adaptation
First Person Shooter ‘Crossfire’ Is Getting a Movie Adaptation


The popular game Crossfire is getting a movie adaptation. No, not the killer ’90s tabletop game (unfortunately), but the first-person shooter videogame that debuted in 2007.


According to Variety, Sony is developing a movie based on Crossfire alongside the game’s South Korean developer, Smilegate, and Tencent Pictures. Fast & Furious producer Neal H. Moritz is producing, and The Town writer Chuck Hogan has already written the script. Like the popular game Fortnite, Crossfire is a free-to-play online game in which players try to kill each other. However, with its debut over a decade ago, Crossfire is considerably older than Fortnite and is considered to be a pioneer for this type of online game. It also, unlike Fortnite, is more realistic than cartoonish, with players playing as members of real-life military special forces units.


While Crossfire may not be terribly well-known in the United States, it has a massive worldwide following. According to Smilegate, the game has over a billion registered users, which if true means that roughly one in seven people on the planet has signed up to play this game at some point. The number of people actually playing at any given time is considerably smaller than that at around 6 million, which is still nothing to sneeze at. Smilegate also claims viewership numbers of around 20 million for global esports events featuring the game.


No details have been revealed on what the movie will actually be about, but given that Crossfire doesn’t have a really strong story, we’re pretty much just expecting a generic war-themed action movie. But who knows? Maybe Moritz and company will surprise us. Until we learn more information though, we’re just going to go on pretending that it’s actually the awesome ’90s tabletop game Crossfire that’s being made into a movie because we would watch the heck out of that.



Image courtesy of Smilegate