First ‘Pennyworth’ Trailer Finds Batman’s Butler Doing His Best Bond Impression
First ‘Pennyworth’ Trailer Finds Batman’s Butler Doing His Best Bond Impression


Alfred Pennyworth is best known as Batman’s elderly and gentlemanly butler, but the new series Pennyworth will completely change the way you look at the classic character.


In the first trailer for the upcoming series, we’re introduced to a very different Alred Pennyworth. This suave young Englishman knows how to handle himself in a fight, can rock a tux like nobody’s business, and makes ladies swoon without even trying. He’s basically a young James Bond, and we’re starting to see why even Batman looks up to the guy. The series takes place in the 1960s and follows Pennyworth as he first comes into the employ of billionaire Thomas Wayne, Bruce Waynes’ future father/dead man walking. But this Alfred Pennyworth is not fetching tea and tending to gardens. Oh no. Wayne hires him to provide security, and Pennyworth wastes no time in establishing himself as a total badass who is more than up to the task. Jack Bannon portrays Alfred in what could be a star-making role for the young English actor.



The feel of the trailer is certainly not what we were expecting for an origin story about a butler, as it pretty much goes full-on spy thriller. Not that we’re complaining, by the way, because it actually looks pretty fun. Even the series’ poster looks more like a new Bond or Mission: Impossible film than anything having to do with a comic book.


pennyworth poster


Pennyworth is executive produced by Bruno Heller, who also developed fellow Batman prequel series Gotham. The new series is set to debut on Epix on July 28.


Images courtesy of Epix.