Final Trailer for Michael Bay’s ‘6 Underground’ Reveals the Plot & Characters
Final Trailer for Michael Bay’s ‘6 Underground’ Reveals the Plot & Characters


Michael Bay’s next big action movie, 6 Underground, has just released its final trailer, and it’s a lot more revealing than the first one.


A few weeks back, we were treated to the film’s initial trailer, and it was… pretty confusing. From the looks of it, the movie was about Ryan Reynolds and a group of wisecracking and good-looking people who drive around Italy and destroy works of art in an Alfa Romeo. But the new trailer is far more informative, revealing the main characters and the plot of the upcoming actioner.


The film is about a billionaire, played by Reynolds, who decides to fix the world’s ills. To do this, he needs to put together an elite team of the most skilled agents on the planet, with the catch being that all of them must “die” to become a member of the team. Their collective pasts are erased, and in exchange, they get to save the world. The members of the 6 Underground team, as revealed in the new trailer, are: The Mastermind (Reynolds), The Doctor (Adria Arjona), The Operator (Corey Hawkins), The Hitman (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), The Spy (Mélanie Laurent), and The Skywalker (Ben Hardy), who, unfortunately, is not a Jedi, but rather a parkour expert.



Now that we know what this movie actually entails besides, you know, the wanton destruction of priceless works of Renaissance art, it actually looks pretty interesting!


6 Underground premieres on Netflix on Dec. 13.


Image courtesy of Netflix