‘Da Vinci Code’ Hero Robert Langdon Is Getting His Own TV Series
‘Da Vinci Code’ Hero Robert Langdon Is Getting His Own TV Series


Robert Langdon is about to investigate a whole lot more mysteries.


The hero of Dan Brown’s blockbuster novel The Da Vinci Code and its various sequels is the latest big-screen action star to get his own TV series, per Variety. The series, titled Langdon, will be based on Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol, which is the third installment in Brown’s five-book series. Three others — The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, and Inferno — have all previously been adapted as feature films starring Tom Hanks as Langdon. According to Variety, the NBC series “follows the early adventures of famed Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, who must solve a series of deadly puzzles to save his kidnapped mentor and thwart a chilling global conspiracy.” If there’s one thing Robert Langdon does well, it’s thwart global conspiracies, so this series certainly seems right in his wheelhouse.


Ron Howard, who directed all three films featuring the character, is one of the producers on the series. It’s unknown at this point who will play Langdon, but we can say confidently that it won’t be Hanks. For one, the series takes place before the films, meaning Hanks is too old. And secondly, we don’t see one of the world’s biggest and most-accomplished movie stars making the move to a network TV drama (no offense, NBC).


There’s no premiere date yet for Langdon, and so far NBC has only ordered a pilot and has not picked up the whole series. Perhaps some global conspiracy has prevented them from going straight to a series order? If that’s the case, then we know just the man who can get to the bottom of it.





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