Chuck Norris Hosts a 5K Filled With Chuck Norris Lookalikes
Chuck Norris Hosts a 5K Filled With Chuck Norris Lookalikes


Picture this: You’re running your first 5K, dressed as Chuck Norris like you are every day. As you near the finish line with your aviators glinting in the sun and sweat dripping off your manly beard, you see the hazy outline of what appears to be your hero standing at the finish line. Assuming it must be a mirage caused by your dehydration, you rub your eyes and continue to push forward, only to get a clearer view of Chuck Norris himself waiting for you, ready to give you a high five for a job well done.


What we’ve just described is not some weird fever dream, but rather something that actually took place earlier this month at the first-ever Chuck Norris 5K in College Station, TX. The race included 5,000 Norris fans who showed up to run for a good cause and for the chance to meet the legend. After arriving at Texas A&M University’s campus, where the race took place, runners were given fake beards, belt buckles, and T-shirts made to resemble Chuck’s bare-chested denim vest look from Invasion U.S.A. in order to make sure everyone was properly dressed for the race. In addition to trying to set the world record for “most people dressed as Chuck Norris in one place,” the race also raised money for two charities: KickStart for Kids, a program that teaches martial arts to children who are uninterested in traditional P.E., and Mercy Project, a charity with the goal of ending child slavery in the nation of Ghana.



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Norris was on hand at the finish line to high five runners as they crossed, and early registrants even got to share a VIP breakfast with the action movie legend. The race’s 5,000 spots sold out in just 13 days, and since this is being referred to as the “inaugural” Chuck Norris 5K, we’re hoping that means it will become an annual event.


If you weren’t lucky enough to run in the race but are still looking to get your Chuck Norris fix, CHARGE! has you covered. You can see Chuck as a cop pushed to his limits in Code of Silence on Monday, Jun 03 at 10 PM EST/PST/9 PM CST/11 PM MST. Then, coming in July, CHARGE! will be airing the legendary Walker, Texas Ranger, so you’d better start growing out your beard and dusting off your cowboy hat now!


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