Check Out the Intense First Trailer for ‘The Fugitive’ Reboot Series
Check Out the Intense First Trailer for ‘The Fugitive’ Reboot Series


The Fugitive is a franchise that’s already seen its fair share of remakes. First, there was the acclaimed 1960s television series, which was later adapted into the now-classic 1993 blockbuster film starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. That movie’s success led to a 1998 spinoff film, U.S. Marshals, as well as a 2000 reboot television series. The second TV series, however, didn’t quite capture the magic of either of its predecessors and lasted just one season before being canceled. Now, a new version of The Fugitive is heading to television, and its first trailer shows a new wrinkle added to the formula.


While the three previous tellings of the story all featured Dr. Richard Kimble being framed for the murder of his wife by a one-armed man, the new reboot goes in a completely different direction. Instead, Boyd Holbrook plays a man who is framed for a subway bombing via social media, and Kiefer Sutherland plays the cop who will stop at nothing to track him down. The first trailer doesn’t give much away outside of the basic premise for the series, but it still manages to squeeze a lot of excitement and intensity into its short runtime. Check it out below.



When a bomb rips through the Los Angeles subway train he’s riding on, blue-collar Mike Ferro (Holbrook) just wants to make sure his wife, Allison, and 10-year-old daughter, Pearl, are safe. But the faulty evidence on the ground and “tweet-now, confirm-later” journalism paint a nightmarish picture: it looks to all the world that Mike was responsible for the heinous act. Wrongfully—and very publicly—accused, Mike must prove his innocence by uncovering the real perpetrator, before the legendary cop (Sutherland) heading the investigation can apprehend him.


The series is set to air on Quibi, an upcoming streaming service where episodes of all shows will be under ten minutes long. It remains to be seen how such a short format will affect the storytelling of something like The Fugitive, but it should at least provide a new take on what is, at this point, a very familiar story.


The Fugitive premieres on Quibi this April.


Image courtesy of Quibi