Check Out the First Trailer for ‘Air Force One’-esque Plane Thriller ‘7500’
Check Out the First Trailer for ‘Air Force One’-esque Plane Thriller ‘7500’


There are few settings that make for a better thriller movie than an airplane. The isolation, the lack of an escape route, the inherent danger of being 30,000 feet in the air; planes can be an absolutely terrifying place to be stranded when something goes wrong. And yet, there aren’t many thrillers that are set on airplanes. You’ve got the cheesy Airport movies, Liam Neeson’s “Taken in the air” Non-Stop, the goofy Snakes on a Plane, and the stellar Air Force One. Now, a new entry has been added to the list in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s 7500, and it looks like it could be the best in the genre since Harrison Ford was president.


In the film, Gordon-Levitt portrays the captain of a commercial airliner traveling from Berlin to Paris. Everything is going according to plan until a group of terrorists using makeshift knives storm the cockpit and nearly kill the co-pilot. The captain is able to force them back out of the cockpit, but the terrorists threaten to start executing passengers unless he lets them back in. It’s up to the captain to try and negotiate with the terrorists, and here’s where the film really becomes something unique: One of the terrorists is actually a victim himself. It’s an interesting concept that makes for a less black and white terrorist thriller than what we’re used to seeing. You can check out the first 7500 trailer below, and even though the dialogue is in German, you should be able to figure out the gist of what’s going on.



7500 is expected to see a streaming release on June 19.


Image courtesy of Amazon Studios