Blake Lively Shows Off More Action Chops in New ‘The Rhythm Section’ Trailer
Blake Lively Shows Off More Action Chops in New ‘The Rhythm Section’ Trailer


Ryan Reynolds may be a big action star thanks to his roles in films like Deadpool and 6 Underground, but after seeing the new trailer for his wife Blake Lively’s action film The Rhythm Section, we can confidently say that Reynolds is only the second-toughest person in the Reynolds-Lively household.


The Rhythm Section is a revenge thriller about a woman (Lively) whose entire family is killed in a plane crash. In trying to gain some closure and learn what caused the crash, she finds out that the disaster was no accident, and she sets out on a quest for vengeance against those who caused it. Training herself over three years to basically become an angrier version of James Bond, Lively’s character uncovers a massive conspiracy while taking out anyone who gets in her way.

In addition to showing lots of previously-unseen footage, the new trailer also reveals that the film’s title comes from a tip given to Lively by her trainer, played by Jude Law, who teaches her to control her body’s rhythm section. When she’s off on these dangerous, high-stress missions, she is to think of her heart as the drums and her breathing as the bass, and keeping them in order will allow her to stay cool under pressure.



The film’s resemblance to James Bond movies is no coincidence, as it’s produced by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, the stewards of the Bond franchise. Broccoli recently made a statement in an interview where she said that James Bond would never be female and that she preferred to create strong, original female characters. And it definitely looks like that’s exactly what she’s done here.


The Rhythm Section arrives in theaters on Jan. 31.


Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures