Behind-the-Scenes Video Emerges for Upcoming Spy Thriller ‘355’
Behind-the-Scenes Video Emerges for Upcoming Spy Thriller ‘355’


The world of spy thrillers has largely been a male-dominated one, but that’s about to change with the upcoming 355. The new film is meant to be a female-led version of a Mission: Impossible/James Bond/Jason Bourne-type movie, and a behind-the-scenes video is showing that it’s really taking those influences seriously.


The film comes from actress Jessica Chastain, who conceived the idea and pitched it to director Simon Kinberg while the two were working together on X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Kinberg soon became attached to direct the film, and a diverse cast quickly assembled with Lupita N’yong’o, Diane Kruger, Penelope Cruz, Bingbing Fang, and Chastain herself all signing on to portray a group of international covert agents. Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez have also joined the cast, and filming has already begun, as seen in a new production video shared by Chastain to her Twitter account.



The video is definitely exciting. We get to see the stars training for the movie in both gunplay and martial arts, as well as get a glimpse at some of the far-flung filming destinations. At first glance, this really does have the feel of a big spy action thriller in the vein of Bond or M:I, but with the new wrinkle of having a gender-swapped cast. And as we all know by now, women are plenty capable of kicking serious butt on screen.


355 has no release date as of yet, but it’s expected to arrive in theaters next year.


Image courtesy of Columbia Pictures