Apparently, There’s Going to Be a ‘Gladiator’ Sequel Set Decades Later
Apparently, There’s Going to Be a ‘Gladiator’ Sequel Set Decades Later


Gladiator is an all-time classic film. The 2000 epic won five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Russell Crowe, and has an impressive legacy as one of the most acclaimed films of the modern era. But that’s not stopping a couple of producers from risking its reputation and making a sequel two decades later.


Producers Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, who worked on the original film, are moving forward on a sequel that will be set 25-30 years after the first film, according to HeyUGuys. Original director Ridley Scott is also involved in some capacity, as MacDonald told the site, “We’re working with Ridley, that’s one we wouldn’t touch unless we felt in a way to do it was legitimate.” According to CinemaBlend, Scott would direct the film. MacDonald also revealed to HeyUGuys that the movie already has a writer in Peter Craig. Craig’s credits include The Town, the final two Hunger Games movies, and the upcoming Top Gun sequel — so he at least has some experience in penning sequels decades after their predecessors.


As for the story, you may be wondering who it’s going to be about considering the previous film’s two main characters — Maximus (Crowe) and Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) — both died during its climax. Well, the sequel is reportedly going to focus on an adult Lucius, the son of Lucilla, who was a child in the first film. What Lucius would be doing in the film is a mystery, but if it’s going to be called Gladiator 2, we’re guessing he somehow gets roped into fighting in the pits.


A Gladiator sequel may seem odd and necessary, but who knows, maybe it will turn out awesome. We’ll reserve final judgment until we see it for ourselves.



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