After  Rocky and Rambo, Stallone to Bring Back ‘Cobra’ Next
After Rocky and Rambo, Stallone to Bring Back ‘Cobra’ Next


After playing Rocky Balboa in last year’s Creed II and John Rambo in the upcoming Rambo: Last Blood, it looks like Sylvester Stallone is ready to bring back yet another one of his iconic characters from decades past.


In a new interview with Fandango, Sly has revealed that he is currently developing a new TV series with Robert Rodriguez based on Stallone’s 1986 film Cobra. “I’m talking with Robert Rodriguez right now about Cobra, which looks like that could happen … as a series,” Stallone told Fandango. However, it sounds like Sly is turning over the reigns of the project to Rodriguez, saying, “It’s basically his baby now.”



In the movie, Stallone portrayed tough-as-nails LAPD Lieutenant Marion “Cobra” Cobretti. With its story about a no-nonsense cop who plays by his own rules, rattles off loads of one-liners, and isn’t afraid to use excessive violence, Cobra is one of the most stereotypical ’80s action movies in existence. That’s probably why it has endured as a cult classic, and whey there’s interest in bringing a new adaptation to television.


While the actor didn’t offer any more information on the project, like where the reboot series might end up, it’s nice to know that Cobra hasn’t been forgotten about. After all, television is a disease, and Cobra may just be the cure it needs right now.


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