Aaron Eckhart Is a Rogue Cop in the Trailer for Thriller ‘Line of Duty’
Aaron Eckhart Is a Rogue Cop in the Trailer for Thriller ‘Line of Duty’


We’ve seen Aaron Eckhart play somewhat of a rogue cop before, in The Dark Knight, where he was D.A. Harvey Dent before becoming the villain Two-Face. Now the actor is back as a rules-breaking lawman in the thriller Line of Duty — but this time he gets to avoid any facial disfiguration.


In Line of Duty, Eckhart plays police officer Frank Penny, who engages in an intense pursuit with a perp — one with whom he was specifically instructed not to engage. The perp pulls a gun on him, and Penny shoots and kills him. He then learns that the perp was the only lead in the case of the police chief’s missing daughter. Whoops.


Now an outcast at his department, Penny strikes out on his own to try and find the chief’s daughter and win back the respect of his peers. He ends up being accompanied by a young reporter (Courtney Eaton), who live-streams his every move for her audience, adding even more pressure to his mission. And as is usually the case in these types of films, Penny ends up uncovering a much bigger and more dangerous conspiracy than he ever imagined.


You can check out the first trailer for Line of Duty below, which is full of explosions, gunfights, and car chases. We don’t think this movie is going to break any box office records, but it definitely looks like a fun, old school police thriller.



Line of Duty arrives in both theaters and On Demand on Nov. 15.


Image courtesy of Saban Films/Lionsgate