A Hungarian Action Star Is Making a Career Out of Looking Exactly Like Charles Bronson
A Hungarian Action Star Is Making a Career Out of Looking Exactly Like Charles Bronson


Charles Bronson was one of, if not the most, hardcore action stars ever. His gruff demeanor, no-nonsense delivery, and ruthless attitude inspired a whole generation of butt-kicking actors. Sadly, Bronson passed away in 2003, but a Hungarian actor is attempting to continue the late actor’s legacy. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he happens to look exactly like the Death Wish star.


Robert Kovacs, AKA Robert Bronzi, made the leap from European Wild West stage shows to Hollywood after Puerto Rican film director Rene Perez spotted his photo on the wall of a bar in Spain and thought it was a still of Bronson from some mystery movie. Perez met with Bronzi and ended up bringing him to America to star in the 2017 horror western From Hell to the Wild West. Since then, Bronzi has appeared in a number of action films where the main selling point has been his uncanny likeness to Bronson. Last year there was the Death Wish-like revenge film Death Kiss and western Once Upon a Time in Deadwood, and up next he’ll star in the prison escape actioner Escape from Death Block 13.


It’s been pretty surreal for Bronzi to have landed his dream career based on his resemblance to a deceased American actor, but the 63-year-old has known about — and taken advantage of — his Bronsonesque looks since he was in his twenties. “A dear friend of mine, who I worked with as a horse breeder, always said, ‘You look like Bronson,'” Bronzi told the New York Post last year. “So I styled my hair like Charles Bronson and grew a mustache like him. Then everyone said, ‘You look like him.'” And he really does look like him. Watch the trailer for Death Kiss below, and try and convince yourself that you’re not actually watching Bronson, returned from the grave.



While we’re happy for Robert Bronzi that he has been able to make a film career out of looking like Charles Bronson, there’s still no replacement for the real thing. Which is why CHARGE! is airing Charles Bronson Double Features every Friday in November starting at Noon/11 C. Catch classic flicks like Mr. Majestyk, The Mechanic, The White Buffalo, Chato’s Land, and more to see firsthand why Bronson is such a legend. Take a look at our schedule for more information.


Image courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment