1941 | Thriller | Eric Portman, Laurence Olivier, Anton Walbrook
In the early days of World War II, a German U-boat is sunk in Canada's Hudson Bay. Hoping to evade capture, a small band of German soldiers led by commanding officer Lieutenant Hirth (Eric Portman) attempts to cross the border into the United States, which has not yet entered the war and is officially neutral. Along the way, the German soldiers encounter brave men such as French-Canadian fur trapper Johnnie (Laurence Olivier) and soldier Andy Brock (Raymond Massey).
1971 | Western | Rod Steiger, James Coburn, Romolo Valli
At the beginning of the Mexican Revolution in 1913, greedy bandit Juan Miranda (Rod Steiger) and idealist John H. Mallory (James Coburn), an Irish Republican Army explosives expert on the lam from the British, fall in with a band of revolutionaries plotting to strike a national bank. When it turns out that the government has been using the bank as a hiding place for illegally detained political prisoners -- who are freed by the blast -- Miranda becomes a revolutionary hero against his will.
1970 | Drama | Don Stroud, Tyne Daly, Aldo Ray
After Angel (Don Stroud) decides he wants to make his own way, he leaves his biker gang and joins a commune of hippies. There he falls for free-spirited Merilee (Tyne Daly). However, trouble soon arises when a band of raucous cowboys in dune buggies harass the hippies, trying to force them off the land. Jonathan (Luke Askew), the commune's leader, asks Angel to call his biker pals to lend support. The gang arrives, but they have their own chaotic agenda.
1986 | Action | David Carradine, Lee Van Cleef, Mako
The father (Lee Van Cleef) and brother (David Carradine) of a dead private eye finish business with Asian gangsters over a stolen jade relic.
1969 | War | Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine, Christopher Plummer
At a seminal moment in World War II, British Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding (Laurence Olivier) must rally his outnumbered pilots against Hitler's feared Luftwaffe. Besieged by German bombing runs, the Brits counter with an aggressive air campaign of their own. Within months, the Nazis find themselves on the run, thanks to Dowding's tactical genius and the work of talented squadron leaders (Michael Caine, Christopher Plummer) and other brave patriots.
1994 | Drama | Jessica Lange, Tommy Lee Jones, Powers Boothe
In the late 1950s, the U.S. Army assigns nuclear engineer Hank Marshall (Tommy Lee Jones) to an isolated weapons testing facility in Alabama. Hank causes waves with his superior officers due to his stance against the atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons. Marshall's wife, Carly (Jessica Lange), further aggravates the situation because of her emotional instability and flirtatious nature. The move to Alabama sends her into the arms of base commander Vince Johnson (Powers Boothe).
1986 | Thriller | Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper
College student Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) returns home after his father has a stroke. When he discovers a severed ear in an abandoned field, Beaumont teams up with detective's daughter Sandy Williams (Laura Dern) to solve the mystery. They believe beautiful lounge singer Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) may be connected with the case, and Beaumont finds himself becoming drawn into her dark, twisted world, where he encounters sexually depraved psychopath Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper).
1987 | Comedy | Dirk Benedict, Tanya Roberts, Roddy Piper
A music promoter (Dirk Benedict) who manages a wrestler (Roddy Piper) puts a rock group with a mat card and starts a fad.
1948 | Crime drama | Scott Brady, Jeff Corey, Whit Bissell
At the Colorado State Penitentiary, inmates Carl Schwartzmiller (Jeff Corey) and Jim Sherbondy (Scott Brady) conceive a daring prison break. While a group of prisoners subdue a guard and take him hostage, Carl and Jim, along with 10 others, make their escape to nearby Canon City, Colo. As the fugitives terrorize residents of the city, taking local families hostage in their own homes, Warden Roy Best (Roy Best) devises a plan to get the prisoners back -- dead or alive.
1988 | Crime drama | Sean Penn, Robert Duvall, Maria Conchita Alonso
In this gritty police drama from director Dennis Hopper, street-wise cop Bob Hodges (Robert Duvall) and hotheaded rookie Danny McGavin (Sean Penn) grapple with their new partnership on the gang-ridden streets of Los Angeles. Although Danny finally lets Hodges show him the ropes, his adrenaline-fed brutality earns him a reputation with the very gangs they want to help. With a gang war ready to explode, Danny confronts his own racism even as he falls in love with Louisa (Maria Conchita Alonso).
1989 | Thriller | Stephen Shellen, Lisa Aliff, John Terlesky
Three guys and a girl (Lisa Aliff) raft remote white water with a guide (Stephen Shellen) who means business with an M-16.
1964 | Comedy | William Traylor, Dagne Crane, Joe Silver
A swinging New York bachelor's (William Traylor) fiancee (Dagne Crane) reads his diary of romantic adventures.
1957 | Western | Jeff Chandler, Joanne Dru, Julie London
With the Civil War still a fresh memory, Maj. Clint Drango (Jeff Chandler) of the Union Army must restore order to Kennesaw Pass, Georgia. However, even with the trusty Capt. Marc Banning (John Lupton) along, he faces a distrustful town, as well as former Confederates led by the manipulative Clay Allen (Ronald Howard). A high-stakes battle of wills ensues as Drango, who hides a dark secret related to the town, must win the people's support to prevent the Union Army from intervening.
1989 | Action | Paul Le Mat, Eileen Davidson, Marjorie Bransfield
She-Wolf (Eileen Davidson) and her biker gang, Women of the Wolf, clash with male bikers led by a man called Bruce (Paul Le Mat).
1989 | Comedy | Tim Robbins, Terry Jones, Eartha Kitt
A Viking with a conscience, Erik (Tim Robbins) tires of pillaging and decides to set out on a quest. When the wise Freya (Eartha Kitt) informs Erik that a great mythic wolf has eaten the sun, the warrior resolves to venture to Asgard, home of the Norse gods, to set things right. Before Erik can reach Asgard, he and his allies must first find a magical horn that resides in the land of King Arnulf (Terry Jones), who, luckily for the hero, has a lovely daughter, Princess Aud (Imogen Stubbs).
1974 | Crime drama | Pam Grier, Antonio Fargas, Peter Brown
Unable to pay back the $20,000 he owes the mob, small-time hustler Link (Antonio Fargas) instead gives up the identity of an undercover cop (Terry Carter) who happens to be dating his sister, Foxy Brown (Pam Grier). When gangsters later kill the cop, Foxy is quick to make the connection and swears vengeance. Posing as a prostitute, and with the help of a group of neighborhood vigilantes, she gradually tracks down the hit men, their Mafia bosses and her own brother.
1987 | Crime drama | Scott Glenn, Barbara Stock, Thomas G. Waites
Former South Dakota sheriff Verne Miller's (Scott Glenn) moll (Barbara Stock) tells how he came to work for Al Capone (Thomas G. Waites).
1958 | Western | Mark Stevens, John Lupton, Jana Davi
After growing up living a life of crime, outlaw Sam Weller (John Lupton) decides to go straight, but neither Sam's father, Trench (Aaron Saxon), nor his thieving cohort, Charlie Whitman (Norman Frederic), take the news well. After Sam invests in a way station with his friend, Luke Ram (Mark Stevens), Trench and Whitman convince a band of Sioux warriors to attack the station. Although Simon eventually forges a peace agreement with the Sioux, a final battle with Trench looms on the horizon.
1969 | Action | Burt Reynolds, Anne Francis, Lyle Bettger
When Pat Morrison (Burt Reynolds) learns of a cache of gold hidden in the Philippines during World War II, he recruits the team of veterans who buried the treasure to lead him to the site. But the unreliable crew -- including a disenchanted alcoholic (Clarke Gordon) and a bitter seaman (Lyle Bettger) -- test Morrison's patience. Complicating the mission is Morrison's attraction to two women (Anne Francis, Miko Mayama) who each have plans of their own.
1968 | Adventure | Richard Greene, Luke Halpin, Mart Hulswit
An anthropologist (Richard Greene) and his family are shipwrecked on an island in the South Seas.
1990 | Action | Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, Joanne Whalley-Kilmer
Navy special operations forces go to the Middle East to free a helicopter crew taken captive by terrorist Ben Shaheed (Nicholas Kadi). After learning that Shaheed has killed a hostage and acquired missiles on the black market, Lt. James Curran (Michael Biehn) and Lt. Dale Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) consult with a reporter who is an expert on Shaheed and his motives. As Shaheed embarks on his plan to violently derail regional treaty talks, the special operations forces make their move.
1991 | Drama | Jason Patric, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Sam Elliott
Undercover cop Jim Raynor (Jason Patric) is a seasoned veteran. His partner, Kristen Cates (Jennifer Jason Leigh), is lacking in experience, but he thinks she's tough enough to work his next case with him: a deep cover assignment to bring down the notoriously hard-to-capture drug lord Gaines (Gregg Allman). While their relationship turns romantic during the assignment, they also turn into junkies, and will have to battle their own addictions if they want to bring down Gaines once and for all.
1994 | Drama | Stephen Dorff, Reese Witherspoon, Jake Busey
When young slacker Cliff Spab (Stephen Dorff) becomes one of several hostages in a convenience store held by publicity-seeking extremists, he endures being a prisoner for weeks. Eventually, Cliff grows indifferent to his survival, and his defiance is captured on camera, striking a chord with TV viewers. After the hostage crisis ends violently, Cliff bonds with fellow survivor Wendy Pfister (Reese Witherspoon). As they begin a relationship, both struggle with their newfound celebrity status.
1981 | Action | David Carradine, Stockard Channing, Christopher Lee
Eddie Miles (David Carradine) has had to call it quits as a stunt double. Eager for a payday, Eddie is more than intrigued when reporter J.J. Dalton (Stockard Channing) tells him about a major auto race that starts in Africa and sends teams over multiple continents. Desperate to cover the race, J.J. hires Eddie to fill in for the driver she lost. A huge prize is up for grabs, but Eddie and J.J. face major obstacles, including a rundown car, stiff competition and treacherous terrain.
1984 | Action | Roland Dantes, Rosemarie Gil, Veronica Jones
Driven by vengeance, a man (Roland Dantes) masters an ancient fighting style.
1954 | Crime drama | Dennis O'Keefe, Margaret Sheridan, Philip Friend
A federal agent (Dennis O'Keefe) and a Scotland Yard inspector (Philip Friend) nab U.S. crooks and British makers of fake diamonds.
1985 | Thriller | Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn, David Suchet
After his father (Pat Hingle) finds him a job at the CIA, Christopher Boyce (Timothy Hutton) discovers the less reputable side of the American government through handling classified documents. As he grows increasingly disillusioned, Boyce decides to sell the information to the Russians in an act of defiance. A drug-addicted friend of Boyce's, Daulton Lee (Sean Penn), becomes involved in the plot and acts as a middleman between Boyce and the Soviets, but the erratic Lee fails to cover his tracks.
1991 | Comedy drama | Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel
Meek housewife Thelma (Geena Davis) joins her friend Louise (Susan Sarandon), an independent waitress, on a short fishing trip. However, their trip becomes a flight from the law when Louise shoots and kills a man who tries to rape Thelma at a bar. Louise decides to flee to Mexico, and Thelma joins her. On the way, Thelma falls for sexy young thief J.D. (Brad Pitt) and the sympathetic Detective Slocumb (Harvey Keitel) tries to convince the two women to surrender before their fates are sealed.
1982 | Comedy | Peter Sellers, David Niven, Joanna Lumley
This sequel finds Chief Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) being summoned to the country of Lugash to investigate another robbery of the eponymous diamond. After developing some disguises, Clouseau embarks by plane and mysteriously vanishes en route. Hoping to solve the conundrum, enterprising journalist Marie Jouvet (Joanna Lumley) interviews those closest to Clouseau, including his father (Richard Mulligan), his boss (Herbert Lom) and his old nemesis, Sir Charles Litton (David Niven).
1989 | Comedy | Weird Al Yankovic, Victoria Jackson, Kevin McCarthy
After losing yet another job, George (Weird Al Yankovic) wonders if there is any career that can handle his outrageous personality. When George's uncle (Stanley Brock) hands him the deed to a local TV station, George creates a series of television shows based on social satire and hyperactive humor, with the help of his best friend, Bob (David Bowe). However, a rival station's bitter CEO (Kevin McCarthy) tries to destroy George's wacky programming, forcing him to fight back.
1973 | Action | Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Billingsley, Ned Beatty
Easygoing Arkansas good ol' boy Gator McKlusky (Burt Reynolds) is serving his second federal prison sentence for running moonshine when he learns his straight-arrow college graduate brother and his girlfriend have been murdered. Eager to take down corrupt county sheriff J.C. Connors (Ned Beatty), whom he suspects is behind his brother's death, Gator agrees to a federal attorney's deal that releases him from prison to infiltrate Connors' underground booze-running business.
1985 | Action | Scott Glenn, Barbara Carrera, Edward Fox
TV people want mercenaries (Scott Glenn, Edward Fox) to spring Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess from Spandau prison in Berlin.
1986 | Action | Tom Burlinson, Nicole Kidman, Charles Tingwell
A rock star (Nicole Kidman) falls for a rich man's son (Tom Burlinson) who competitively board-sails the coast of Western Australia.