The CHARGE! Guide to Hosting the Perfect Jackie Chan Marathon Party
The CHARGE! Guide to Hosting the Perfect Jackie Chan Marathon Party

The films of Jackie Chan are fun, entertaining, and as we’ve previously detailed here on CHARGE! they may have been a little detrimental to his health. But it’s a little-known fact that his films are also perfect for watching with a group of friends. In my life, this has been evident since the late 90’s when my parents rented the VHS tape of Rumble in the Bronx from the local Colorado video store. For no less than four consecutive weekend sleepovers the summer it was released. With CHARGE! airing a Jackie Chan marathon twice this July, you may want to gather some of your friends for the four-film viewing. As any good host should, you may want to have a few thematic elements to make the party that much better. While we may not be able to responsibly provide you with the rules and gameplay for the bathtub drinking game seen in Shanghai Noon, we can give you a few ideas to augment the mystic stylings of the Drunken Master himself.


Beverage – Slush Hour

It’s hot. Damn hot. A heat wave is scorching the east coast of the US this July. But that’s okay, if you’re indoors watching Jackie Chan movies back-to-back, you can keep cool with a Lychee-based slush. Sweet, cold, refreshing, and exactly what you need to calm your nerves after the epic clock tower fight (and fall) in Project A. And if you want to drop a little something-something in there to help further take the edge off, feel free.


Appetizer – Operation Deviled Condors

Condor eggs might be a little hard to come by, so you may have to substitute some good ol’ Grade A Brown Chicken Eggs for a delicious deviled snack. While you’re at it, you could top it with the true “Armour of the Gods:” sea-salt and Szechuan peppercorns. But, if you’re feeling saucy, you could give the deviled eggs a little bit of cumin and turmeric with a splash of cayenne on top and you’re in the Moroccan flair. Don’t forget your towel.


Main Entrée – Drunken Master Noodles

I love spicy foods. I’ve also read that Chan enjoys spicy foods like Yukgaejang as well. And, while Drunken Noodles are more of a Thai dish, they’re absolutely appropriate as a main entrée for your Jackie Chan viewing party. Make them extra spicy if you have the Heart of a Dragon. In the spirit of the man nicknamed the “Cannonball” by his parents (and hey, he was in the Cannonball Run movies too, so it only makes more sense), cannonball that spice with some of your delicious Slush Hour. The Drunken Gods command it.


Dessert – Kung Fu Monkey Bread

“The warrior said nothing, for his mouth was full…” of a traditional monkey bread sweetened with banana, toasted coconut, and almonds. Not only will the sweet dessert treat put out the flames from the Drunken Master Noodles, but it’s a pretty quick and easy 30-minute dessert to prepare.


Optional – Rush Hour 3-Legged Race

To Jay-Z’s “Can I Get A…” You know, if you have a backyard or space, of course. Although, a small apartment could make things interesting. Especially after eight hours of movie viewing, and a few Slush Hours. You and your friends have earned it.


Tune into the Charge! Jackie Chan marathon on July 4th, kicking off with Drunken Master at 6pm ET/5C.



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